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July 31st, 2013
Tourists for the Day

By Kate Campbell

While I was born and raised in Texas, I was 7 years old the last time I visited San Antonio and unfortunately my 7 year old memory does not serve me well.  So when the bowl interns were offered the opportunity to take a whole day off to explore the Alamo City, I was pumped!  

Our day started off with the ultimate San Antonio pastime—a River Walk boat tour.  My fellow interns and I enjoyed learning more about the historic San Antonio River Walk from our enthusiastic and funny tour guide Herman.  Herman taught us that the Alamo, the Spanish word for “cottonwood”, got its name from the familiar cottonwood trees that surrounded the mission during the 1800’s.  

We, especially the out of state interns, thought it appropriate to educate ourselves on the story of the Alamo before visiting the historical Texas spot so we headed to the Rivercenter IMAX to watch “Alamo: The Price of Freedom”.  Anyone from Texas knows the story of the Alamo (thanks 5th and 7th grade history!), but it was nice to be reminded of the heroes who fought for their freedom and have my Texan pride jump started. 

After a delicious lunch at the Hard Rock Café, we headed over to the Alamo.  After exploring the site, we entertained ourselves in the gift shop where we paid tribute to Davy Crockett by snapping some pictures in fancy coonskin caps.   We then ended our Alamo tour by getting some creative shots in front of the Texas landmark.

During our afternoon as tourists we visited Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, the Guinness World Records Museum, and the mirror maze and laser challenge, where there was some friendly intern competition on who could complete the laser challenge the quickest.  Unfortunately, the winner of the laser challenge is still in dispute (cough, cough—I won).  We also grabbed a couple Shiners and took a picture with a true Texas cowboy at the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum.

We ended our day 750 feet in the air at the Tower of the Americas.  While looking out over downtown San Antonio, we were exhausted from our day of being busy tourists.  However we were pleased with the memories we had made, the things we had discovered and our initial bid to be "greatest intern crew of all-time". I think I can speak for all of the interns by saying that this culturally vibrant city is already starting to feel like home!