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September 9th, 2011
Interns' Take - UTSA

Hannah’s Point of View:

Last week I was seriously disappointed about not being in the press box for Michigan State’s first Friday night game in years, but the inaugural UTSA game on Saturday helped me get over my Spartan Football woes. Not being from Texas, I have no real ties to the school, but seeing the Alamodome packed with orange and blue I felt lucky to be a part of such a momentous game. I got chills when the crowd erupted as their Roadrunners were finally able to take the field – and it made me want Dec. 29 to get here even sooner! Working this game wasn’t just fun, it was also beneficial to see a football game in the Alamodome and to use it as a practice-run for our event. While Matt and Meghan were struggling with not being on the sidelines, I felt at home amongst the media and it was cool to show my colleagues what I did the past two years at MSU. 
Matt’s Point of View:
Last Saturday’s UTSA game was all about “firsts”. It was the first ever football game in UTSA history, my first time watching a game in the Alamodome, and my first time working in the press box. While I have worked a lot of football games, I hadn’t had the chance to work in a press box before. My first experience was quite interesting. On the opening kickoff, I learned quickly that I couldn’t cheer for either team. This was quite possibly the most challenging task I have been assigned during my short career, because I am used to being on the sidelines and rooting my team on. This was also my first college football game in three years that I hadn’t been on the sidelines of a Kansas Football game. As a student manager for the Kansas Football team, I was always "in the know" of everything going on. This past year, I had the opportunity to be be signaler for the KU football team. I was in charge of relaying the formations and motions to the players. Going from the sidelines and signaling plays to sitting in a press box and not being able to cheer was definitnely a different experience. Although, I was a little heartbroken about not being able to cheer and see my Jayhawks play, the crowd at the Alamodome yelling for the UTSA Roadrunners made it feel a little more like home and got me anxious for our game in December.
Meghan's Point of View:
UTSA’s first home game last week made me excited for the start of football season. But when I entered the Alamodome and realized this would be the first time in four years I was not at an Iowa Hawkeyes game, the excitement quickly disappeared. However, the energy from the fans and knowing that I was experiencing UTSA’s inaugural game made me less upset that I couldn’t be in Iowa City. This was also the first time that I had ever worked in the press box for a football game, so it was interesting to see the differences from what I did at Iowa. At Iowa, I was use to working the pregame and halftime activities as well as any special events we would have for that day such as reunions or special guests. At the UTSA game there was a more relaxed feeling inside of the press box which was unusual for me because I was always running throughout the stadium making sure everything was running smoothly during my experience working with the event management department. It was also weird for me not being down on the field throughout most of the game and working directly with game operations. Even though it wasn’t an Iowa game, I am glad I got the experience of seeing and working a game in the Alamodome and I look forward to our game in December!