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October 6th, 2011
Baylor Sales Program

This year we are excited to announce that the Valero Alamo Bowl has started a new partnership with Baylor University allowing several students a small glimpse into the wild world of sports. Baylor students in the Sports, Sponsorship, and Sales program have been offered the opportunity to sell our Rudy’s Fun Pack to local San Antonio fans. In their program, students will learn real sales experience in the sports industry as well as reach many new faces for the Valero Alamo Bowl.

In the Baylor program there are 15 students w
ho are divided into three teams and are competing for the highest sales. Our former intern, Randelyn, is the overall project manager so we know they are in good hands. During her summer internship with us, Randelyn experienced what is was like working inside the sports industry. She will now take her knowledge and help assist the other students. Randelyn had this to say about the experience she and the other students will receive, “This experience really helps the students and me gain experience on the phones. It also helps us with objections we will be seeing when we get in the workforce, along with learning from our peers about the do's and dont's in tickets sales.”

Our staff is excited to have the Baylor students on board as we are always looking to support higher education and looking to reach new fans.  We believe this will be both beneficial to the Baylor University program as well as the Valero Alamo Bowl. If you get a friendly call from one of these great Baylor students be sure to tell them hi!