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October 27th, 2011
The #3 Jersey

Recently at our Oklahoma State game watching party the interns had the opportunity to learn more about one of our volunteers, Jo Lowe, and her love for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  We wanted to learn about her experience volunteering for the Valero Alamo Bowl and let you know the story behind her Brandon Weeden jersey.

How long have you been a volunteer?
I began in 2004 when Oklahoma State University played Ohio State University!
Why did you start volunteering for the Valero Alamo Bowl?
I have a passion for college football and love the fans and the excitement they bring to our city.
What is your favorite memory from volunteering?
During 2004, my first year of volunteering, my alma mater Oklahoma State was playing in the game. I was working hospitality and talking to Mike Gundy (assistant coach at the time) about us both growing up in Midwest City, OK. He thought I had probably graduated around the time of his in-laws. He left and returned 30 minutes later with them. It ended up his mother in law and I had gone to school together and her father had been our family milkman. We stay in touch as good friends to this day.
What is your favorite event to volunteer at?
I absolutely love doing them all, but I enjoy the excitement of the Kickoff Luncheon when all the schools’ teams, bands and cheerleaders attend. The spirit of the Valero Alamo Bowl is in full force at this event.
What university do you cheer for?
Oklahoma State Cowboys (loyal and true!)
I hear you have a Brandon Weeden jersey; can you explain the story behind it?
One of the volunteers working with the teams knew my love for my alma mater and pleaded my case to equipment people from OSU. He presented the jersey to me one day as I was working a volunteer job at San Antonio Sports. Corny, though it may sound. I was close to tears I was so excited.
Is it true you have never washed the jersey?
That is the honest truth. I did have it altered because it hung to my knees and I wanted to wear it a little more fashionably. However, I decided Brandon’s sweat should remain for the first outing just for luck. Since the first outing was this year’s OSU – Texas A&M game, and we know how that played out, washing does not seem an option. Now, my alumni group has decided we should not push our luck. We agreed it will remain with the original sweat, but we will probably hit it a couple of times with some Febreeze.
What was your experience like when Oklahoma State played in the Valero Alamo Bowl?
It was uplifting. It was bringing my Oklahoma family (both immediate and great friends) to my part of the world for this first class exciting event. It made volunteering more of an intimate experience because I was working to showcase our friendly, unique city to those I care about. Then being a part of the sea of orange at the game reminded me of what I love about college football and dedicated fans, both OSU and others who are fortunate enough to play here. And…the game itself. Divine.