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November 7th, 2011
The Journey Begins

More progress has been made with our recent project to donate our old event banners. The Valero Alamo Bowl will be partnering with Wycliffe Global Alliance, WGA, in transporting around 75 banners to Brazil. Our old banners will provide families shelter and protect them from mosquitoes and other disease carrying bugs. We have begun to work through the logistics with sending the banners to make sure they get to the people who need them most. 

Gary Peterson, the Wycliffe representative, has helped us find a contact here in San Antonio to work with. They will make sure the banners get to the Orlando office and either shipped or brought down to Brazil. There is a need for 30-50 banners for an Indian tribe in Brazil who have recently made contact with their ancestral tribe from Paraguay. They are hoping that over 2,000 people will come together for a week to re-establish ties and learn from one another. Their big concern was how to provide shelter for that many people. It would take forest material and many months to make, and still wouldn’t provide the shelter needed. We are hoping to get our banners to them in time; otherwise we will start working with other groups in need.

The process of donating is harder than one would think due to the difficulty of shipping banners to another country. Currently WGA is trying to find a group who will be traveling down to Brazil soon and could take along the banners and possibly help set them up for the community.

Gary has been very excited to work with us and shared that it will be “a blessing to many overseas who will benefit from the shade, mosquito proofing and such that these banners can be used for.” Other bowl games are beginning to get involved in the donation process of their old banners too. The Armed Forces Bowl has begun working with WGA with interest to donate and join the cause along with us!