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November 22nd, 2011
Fans and Sport Superstitions

Throughout all sports there are superstitions that run wild. Some might argue the most famous are the “Curse of the Billy Goat” with the Cubs organization or the silent treatment of a pitcher during a no-hitter. Many fans know that Tiger Woods wears red on Sunday’s or that players won’t shave during a win streak. Some athletes won’t even wash their clothes, including underwear, during a win streak or the playoffs. College football teams will walk out of their respective tunnels touching the school logo or an infamous statue.

Although athletes have their own individual superstitions, the most exciting and unusual superstitions come from the fans. Unlike the athletes and coaches, who actually have control of the outcome, fans for the most part don’t play an important role in winning or losing the game, even though I would like to think that when my beloved Kansas Jayhawks win it’s because I am wearing my replica 1988 national championship jersey.

Many fans like myself find themselves suffering through this illness we like to call superstition. I've heard of fans sitting in the same worn out recliner for every game for 12 consecutive years. When you hear of fans attending 300 consecutive games, home or away, have you ever thought to yourself that this person might not only be a loyal fan, but a person who is suffering through a strong case of superstition?

While I was researching the topic, I found this rather intriguing article about our own Big 12 member, the Texas Longhorns. I will play the spoiler here and write about my personal favorite superstition from the article. Our very own, Johnny Urbano of San Antonio, told Michael Spurlin of Fox 7 Austin in January 2010, that he lights a candle next to a Vince Young action figure and ticket stub from the 2005 National Championship.

If you recall from the 2010 National Championship game, Colt McCoy got injured in the first quarter and the Texas Longhorns ended up losing that game. Not to pick on the Longhorns, my Jayhawks lost in the Elite 8 last year in San Antonio while I was wearing my jersey. See what I mean about fans superstitions not having an effect on the outcome?