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September 8th, 2011
Old Banners Put to Good Use

The interns cleaned out the old storage closets in the Valero Alamo Bowl offices this past week throwing away items that have been acquired over the years and that have no use anymore. But we did save the old banners from past events that we can’t re-use. Instead of throwing close to 75 banners away, our friends at Florida Citrus Sports suggested we donate the banners to Wycliffe Global Alliance, a company that helps countries all over the world. Florida Citrus Sports donated their banners last spring and helped provide shelter to a group in Papua New Guinea and other areas all over the world.  

e contacted Gary Peterson from WGA, and he informed us that he “has a need for 30-50 banners (depending on their size) for an Indian tribe in Brazil who has recently made contact with their ancestral tribe from Paraguay. They are hoping for over 2,000 people coming together for a week to re-establish ties and learn from one another. Their big concern was how to provide shelter for that many people. It would take forest material and many months to make, and still wouldn’t provide the shelter needed. When I showed some of them the banners from the Citrus Bowl (around 10’ X 40’) they were thrilled.” He also said that he has “an order from a medical organization that goes up and down the Amazon River providing medical help for the many indigenous people there. They pull up along shore and set up a make shift clinic – but they need something to keep the sun off or bugs out and would love 5-10 per boat for this work.”

Many of the signs we hope to donate will help families who have no shelter and to protect them from mosquitoes and other disease carrying bugs. Currently these families have to chop down palm fronds and banana leaves to provide the proper protection from the tropical sun. The banners that we can donate will last longer than the jungle material and provide better shade and protection making it a safer place to live.

The Valero Alamo Bowl is excited to be able to get involved with the WGA in donating these banners and is looking forward to sending them out and seeing where they will help in the world. We will keep you updated and get some pictures of our banners once they are delivered!