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November 10th, 2005
SA Challenge Script-Draft

STOP #1 – Downtown Hotel

B-roll of airplane and taxi ride with graphics kicking off the overall challenge. For example, 6 stops in 60 minutes and a clock of the remaining time appearing (47 minutes) as the contestants get out of a cab with their luggage at the hotel.

The bellman welcomes them to downtown San Antonio and tells them of the first challenge.

o    “There are 40,000 hotel rooms in San Antonio and you are staying in one of the 13,500 located in downtown. Drop off your luggage in your room and take a picture of the downtown view.”

o   San Antonio goodies/amenity in room greeting contestants including the note to head to the next stop: the Alamo.


STOP #2 – Alamo

-          Challenge –  “Remember The….”

-          One contestant to read to other: “San Antonio is the nation’s 7th largest city and the most visited city in Texas.  Find five people to correctly finish the statement: “Remember the _______”

Contestants can either offer a ridiculous prize before asking the question (ma’am I’ll give you $1, whatever is in my left pocket, a sip of my water)  if you correctly complete this phrase or just mention a “big” prize and then give them the prize after.

The last person we ask will be a Park Ranger.  Contestant: “We need one more. Who do we ask?” They find ranger who gets it correct, declines the prize but says “I have something for you.”
Challenge says head to River Walk and they ask ranger for directions and he says it’s right there.”


STOP #3 – River Walk Restaurant

-          Challenge – Crash a family eating on the River Walk (Republic of Texas Restaurant)

-          One contestant to another: “San Antonio is known for having weather as warm and enjoyable as its people. Get families eating on the River Walk to tell you at least five of ingredients used to make guacamole? You can reward each correct answer with a prize a Texas lottery ticket.”

Contestants will be rushing to get the answer but still interactive with the family. Hype the prize (maybe hide the actual prize and say something like “each correct answer is worth a penny with a chance to win to grow it to over a million dollars! (i.e. by scratching)

Waiter to give next challenge… at San Fernando the oldest cathedral in Texas and he points and says it’s just up the stairs.

STOP #4 – San Fernando/Main Plaza

Challenge – Find a San Antonio resident and get them to answer any of the five questions from this list about their city correctly in 20 seconds.

-Start by asking name, how long have they lived in SA and the ones we know that live downtown ask them why.

Then start the clock (one contestant is timing it and providing updates while the other is asking question). Off camera judge will say if answer is correct or not.

Sample questions to choose from:

·         How many NBA titles have the San Antonio Spurs won?


·         Which of the following four films was NOT filmed in San Antonio:

A.      Miss Congeniality   B. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure C. Spy Kids or D. Escape from New York

·         Name two of the five San Antonio missions  (A; Alamo, Concepcion, Espada, San Juan, San Jose)

·         Finish this lyric: “The starts at night are big and bright: _____________ (A: Deep in the Heart of Texas, bonus points for clapping).

·         San Antonio is often referred to as _________ City, USA? (A: Military)

·         What day do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo?


·         Name three ways to travel downtown. (A. Walk, river taxi, trolley, b-cycle, double decker bus, VIA city bus, taxi)

·         San Antonio boasts the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico. What’s it called? (A. Market Square)

·         Name your favorite George Strait song.

·         What’s a chupacabra?

·         Sweet or unsweetened tea?

·         100 people died defending the Alamo. Name two of the defenders.
A: Jim Bowie (boo-ey), Davey Crockett, William Travis. Hint not: Ozzie Osborne or John Wayne


·         I’ll tell you a name and you say if he was a defender of the Alamo or not.
Jim Bowie (boo-ey)
Davey Crockett
William Travis
John Wayne
Wayne Campell (Wayne’s World)
Ozzie Osbourne
James Ewing
J.R. Ewing
George Gervin
John Garvin
John Thurston
Thurston Howell


·         Cascarones are synonymous with what San Antonio event? (A: Fiesta)


·         Name three of 10 museums located between downtown San Antonio and the airport:

·         What salty snack was invented in San Antonio during the depression? (A: Fritos)

·         Spell Bear as in Bexar County.


·         Name two instruments in a typical mariachi group.


·         Salt or not salt on your margarita glass?


·         What do you yell to the parade queens at the Fiesta Flambeau Parade? (A: Show me your shoes!)

·         True or false. It’s quicker to walk from the downtown to the airport than to walk from one end of the Riverwalk to the other.   (A: True!  9 miles to airport, new expanded River Walk is 15 miles long).

·         Say something in Spanish or translate words from Spanish to English (or vice versa)…queso, Market Square, piñata.


·         Hum the first few bars of the “Yellow Rose of Texas.”

·         What’s the difference between a chalupa and a tostado? (A: Nothing.)


·         What type of meat is brisket?


Last question will be from a Downtown Amigo who will describe what they do, get a tough question correct (i.e. name Alamo defenders in alpha order, compute how many Tim Duncans it would be take to equal height of Tower)  hand over the next challenge:  Go to the base of the Tower of Americas, built as the signature piece of the 1968 World’s Fair. (Ideally it will be viewable from where we are talking with the Amigo so the camera can swing around and see it.) 



STOP #5 – Tower of Americas/Tailgating (game starts at 4 p.m., note: Lot C closed)

-          Challenge – Game Time


-          One contestant to another: The Tower stands in HemisFair Park between the Alamodome and the city’s 500,000 square foot Convention Center which have hosted some of the nation’s largest sporting events and citywide conventions. You’re in luck there’s a big game going on right now. Take advantage of San Antonio hospitality by getting a bite of five different foods from five different tailgates to win tickets to the game. (get there by Segways)


-          Opportunity to tweet themselves at different tailgates. (Can I get a bite of that?) Tailgaters can have them do a game to get a bite (i.e. washers).

-          Final challenge will be handed out by a tailgater once they get their 5th bite:  “Here are your game tickets. The finish line is at your seats.”


STOP #6: Alamodome/Finish Line

-          After taxing from the airport and checking into their downtown hotel and visiting the Alamo, River Walk, Main Plaza and the Tower of the Americas the two contestants make it to the finish line (their seats in the Alamodome for the big game) in less than 60 minutes.

-          The Mayor and the Spurs Coyote will greet the two contestants at their seats. We’ll have a large stop watch showing the time as steamers will fly, fans will clap, poppers pop.


-          City representative tell them: “I’m Julian Castro the Mayor of San Antonio and I and along with the Spurs Coyote I wanted to give you a big San Antonio welcome. Congratulations on seeing so much of our city in such a short time. Enjoy the game and the rest of your stay!”


-          Contestant (as Mayor and Coyote start to walk away up after giving congratulations): “Uh, is that it? Don’t we get some sort of big prize?


-          Contestant #2: “Yeah, like maybe we get to coach the Spurs for a Day. What do you think Coyote?”


-          Mayor (as Coyote shakes head): “With four NBA champions, I think Coach Pop and his staff have that under control.”


-          Contestant 1: “Well how about a Key to City?”

-          Mayor:  “I do appreciate you helping us highlight what a compact, walkable downtown. However we have 28 million annual visitors to San Antonio who can all enjoy our world class attractions, restaurants and history just by walking out of their hotel rooms.  Everyone can’t get a key to the city. But since you did rush over, here’s something that will help enjoy everything the River Walk has to offer.” (Mayor hands a key off his key ring.)


-          Contestant: “What’s this?”

-          Mayor: “You’ll see.”  


Closing b-roll:

Contestants find out key is to a river barge and they cruise along the River interacting with other tourists, clinking glasses, taking in sites along the river.