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Bowl Awards Record 97 Scholarship Winners

A record 97 winners of Valero Alamo Bowl Community Partners Scholarships were announced at PNC Pigskin Preview Luncheon on August 31, 2022.

Funded by the Bowl and matching programs at all six of San Antonio’s four-year universities (University of the Incarnate Word, Our Lady of the Lake University, St. Mary’s University, Texas A&M–San Antonio, Trinity University, and UTSA), the selected college juniors and seniors will split $610,000 in scholarship awards, an increase over the $440,000 that was split between 72 winners last year.

The 2022 Valero Alamo Bowl Community Partners Scholarships recipients by university are:

Our Lady of the Lake University

  • Alisa Amaya, Senior Education Major          
  • Hayde Arriaga Saucedo, Junior Criminology Major 
  • Elia Isabel Cervantes Senior; Psychology
  • Roger Duran, Senior, Mass Communication Major
  • Katelyn Garces, Junior, Criminology Major
  • Andrea Garcia, Senior Biology Major
  • Jaylynn Guadiano, Junior, Management Major
  • Matthew Hernandez, Senior Biology Major
  • Karla Leija, Junior, Social Work Major
  • Felizidi Mata, Junior, Accounting Major
  • Gabriella Mata, Junior, Criminology Major
  • Diamond Menchaca, Senior Social Work Major
  • Raul Mojica, Senior English Major
  • Ashley Nava, Senior English Major
  • Bry Anna Navarro-Roberts, Junior Psychology Major
  • Diana O’Connor, Senior Psychology Major
  • Sophia Perez, Junior English Major
  • Samantha Ramirez, Junior Social Work Major
  • Madelyne Ramos, Junior Social Work Major
  • Edwin Ruiz, Junior Psychology Major
  • Cynthia Torres, Senior, Education Major

St. Mary’s University

  • Sebastian Azcui, Senior Finance & Risk Management Major
  • Jilal Blalock, Senior Communication Studies Major
  • Cian Foley, Senior Psychology Major
  • Olivia Galvan, Senior Marketing Major
  • Christian Hansen, Senior Psychology Major
  • Dylan Isenhower, Senior Biology Major
  • Love’ Tovar, Senior Exercise & Sport Science Major

Texas A&M University – San Antonio

  • Cody Bishop, Senior Applied Arts & Sciences Major
  • Kaitlin Dzierzanowski, Junior Marketing Major
  • Romelia Esquivel, Junior Criminology Major
  • Sarah Farrell, Junior Kinesiology Major
  • Rodrigo Flores-Martinez, Junior Accounting Major
  • Carmicheal Green, Junior Interdisciplinary Studies Major
  • Andrea Guzman, Senior Interdisciplinary Studies Major
  • Jesse Lopez, Senior Marketing Major
  • Isaiah Lucio, Junior Computer Information Systems Major
  • Enrique Mata, Junior Computer Information Systems Major
  • Sakshi Patel, Junior Biology Major
  • Valerie Rendon, Senior Interdisciplinary Studies Major
  • Michael Rodriguez, Junior Criminology Major
  • Joseph Rubio, Senior Kinesiology Major
  • Caton Sandoval, Senior Management Major
  • Fatima Soria-Lazo, Junior Mathematics Major
  • Lizbeth Terrazas, Junior Biology Major
  • Victor Villarreal, Senior Criminology Major
  • Kayla Valenzuela, Senior Kinesiology Major
  • Deandra Wiggins, Junior Computer Information Systems Major

Trinity University

  • Maya Alarcon , Junior Communication Major
  • Matthew Beam, Senior Management Major
  • Dakota Brown, Junior Undeclared Major
  • Araceli Gonzalez, Senior Sociology Major
  • Sarah Gorham, Senior BAT (Business Analytics & Tech.) Major
  • Adrian Herrera, Junior Undeclared
  • Taylor Kotfas, Senior Environmental Studies Major
  • Tharun Kumar, Senior Finance Major
  • Avery Longfield, Senior Sociology Major
  • Brandon Niday, Senior Political Science Major
  • Seiler Nishimura, Senior Religion Major
  • Selina Noe, Senior International Studies-Global Health Major
  • Sydney Rhodes, Senior Communication Major
  • Riley Ruchti, Senior Sociology Major
  • Rafael Serrano, Junior Marketing Major
  • Joshua Sharpe, Senior Engineering Major
  • Vanessa Silva Junior Art History Major
  • Allen Song, Senior BAT (Business Analytics & Technology) Major
  • Karina Trevino, Senior Marketing Major
  • Brian Yancelson, Senior Communication Major

University of the Incarnate Word

  • Amil Bettencourt, Junior Education Major
  • Antonio Bocanegra, Senior Communication Arts Major
  • Jacob De la Garza, Senior Kinesiology Major           
  • Safietou Dorsey, Senior Business Administration Major
  • Gabriela Espinoza, Senior Business Administration Major
  • Daniela Espinoza, Senior Business Administration Major
  • Blake Giffin, Senior Rehabilitative Sciences Major  
  • Alan Gonzalez, Senior Education Major
  • Camden Gray, Senior Education Major
  • Luke Gombert, Junior Kinesiology Major    
  • Hannah Hildebrand, Senior Rehabilitative Sciences Major
  • Carson Hunsucker, Junior Business Administration Major 
  • Alexis Luna-Chavez, Senior Rehabilitative Sciences Major
  • Daniela Madera, Junior Business Administration Major
  • Julio Martinez, Senior Business Administration Major        
  • Jaclyn Moreno, Senior Business Administration Major
  • Druscilla Ozornia, Senior Rehabilitative Sciences Major
  • Vanessa Palacios, Senior Communication Arts Major
  • Hessel Resendiz, Senior Communication Arts Major          
  • Eduardo Sarabia, Junior Business Administration Major    
  • Collin Williams, Senior Business Administration Major       
  • Daisy Zarate, Senior Business Administration Major

University of Texas at San Antonio

  • Oscar Cardenas, Junior Kinesiology Major
  • Erykah Guerrero, Junior Cyber Security Major
  • Frank Harris, Graduate Public Administration Major
  • Taylor Medina, Senior Communication Major        
  • Kyra White, Junior Kinesiology Major
  • Mia Ybarra, Graduate Business Major

On December 14, 2022 the Valero Alamo Bowl will announce an additional 91 winners of Valero Alamo Bowl Student-Athlete Scholarships. Representing every high school in the San Antonio area, these winners will split $682,500 in total awards to attend the colleges of their choosing.

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