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Employee Spotlight: Cruz Raymond

Cruz Raymond is this year’s Ticket Sales & Service Coordinator. A graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, Raymond works directly with the Valero Alamo Bowl ticket office. Making calls to potential attendees, fielding calls and troubleshooting issues for customers, and marketing our several ticketed events are all part of his daily responsibility.

What’s your favorite part about living in San Antonio?

“My favorite thing is all the culture that’s around the city. It’s a fast-growing city and when there’s things going on I feel like everyone here gets involved. There’s more and more happening here every day.”

What path led you to this job?

“Well earlier this year I was interning for the Valero Texas Open. So a different event and in the golf world, but same title sponsor. I applied pretty early on and got to know the people here early on as well. From there things just worked themselves out and I’m glad to be here.”

What do you love about working at the Valero Alamo Bowl?

“Well first off it’s football which is where I want to eventually end up professionally. I would like to work with an NFL sports team. But with the Alamo Bowl specifically I like the team here. The people here are awesome. We all have a great time and it’s just an enjoyable experience.”

What do you like about working in the ticket sales and service world?

“Personally I feel like I have a pretty personable personality. I like meeting different people, I like engaging with different people and having conversations. Being able to sell tickets I can provide an experience that for some could be a once in a lifetime thing.”

Why don’t you give us two truths and a lie about you?

“Growing up I attended eight different schools.”

“I am CPR certified”

“I have never been out of the country”

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