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Colorado Team Arrival interviews with Head Coach Mike MacIntyre and senior quarterback Sefo Liufau. 

Head Coach Mike MacIntyre:

What was your first reaction on finding out you were coming to the Valero Alamo Bowl?

“We are excited about coming to the Alamo Bowl. When I was coaching at the the Dallas Cowboys with Bill Parcells, we had our training camp here. We are excited to be in San Antonio playing in a great bowl game.  Last year’s game was unbelievable with TCU and Oregon so our guys are excited about being here.”

 Now that you are in San Antonio, does it feel like a bowl game?

“When we pulled up, I told my wife we are at a bowl game which is exciting for Colorado Buff Nation and for us of course. Getting here is great for these young men to experience this. They worked so hard to be able to enjoy it. Then have a great game.”

Does being in San Antonio for Christmas present any challenges?

“It does, but then they have a long break afterward. We’ll start a week later than we did last year so they will have a good 20 days after the bowl game is over to get home and relax.”  

What’s been the biggest key to this year’s success?

“Number one, we have a lot of good football players. But we have a great fortitude in our team, great character, they have been through a lot.  We say they don’t blink anymore and I think they earned the right to enjoy what’s going on this season. Our seniors have built a legacy for this program and this is a great way for them to go out and play in the Alamo Bowl.”

Sefo Liufau, Senior, Quarterback:

What was your first reaction on finding out you were coming to the Valero Alamo Bowl?

“I was very excited, just the fact of being in a bowl game again and being in a very big bowl game. In the Alamo Bowl against Oklahoma State is very exciting. Its gonna be a great game, just overall ready to get going.”

On the team’s turnaround this season:

“The amount of success really comes from the chemistry we built with the team, over the Summer a lot of guys took some criticism and being able to perform after that I think in the past it was really tough for us to give each other criticism and be able to perform after. So, just building the team chemistry and playing for each other that was a big thing for us.”

Keys to victory over Oklahoma State?

“Definitely take care of the football, thats a big key especially on my part. I didn’t have the best game going out last time, after that I just think putting up points. I don’t really study their offense because thats not what I’m going against, but from what I can tell they can score some points. So, I think its important for us to score some points in this game.”

Explain “The Rise”:

“It’s a big slogan around there right now, everyones making t-shirts about it, everyones talking about it. I just think its: turn the program back around and for the seniors who have built a good foundation for years to come, my hope is that this is just the start of something special and they only go up from here.”

How has bowl prep gone?

“Very well. We even practiced today before we got on the flight, it went very well I cant complain the guys are putting in a lot of hard work. The fact that we’ve never been in this situation before and the amount of good practices we’ve put in I’m very exited for this week.”

What do you make of the San Antonio welcome party?

“A lot of hoopla, a lot of people and fans welcoming us in. Its just a great feeling to finally be able to make it to something like this.”

Excited to finally be in San Antonio?

“Definitely. We’ve been kind of in hiding these past couple weeks. So to finally be here and to finally get closer to the game I think thats the biggest thing. Just being able to experience and be a part of this with my teammates and finally make a bowl game its really special to me.”