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Sat, Dec. 28 - 6:30 pm CST
Sat, Dec. 28 - 6:30 pm CST
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Colorado Practice: Head Coach Mike MacIntyre, senior tight end Sean Irwin and sophomore corner Isaiah Oliver.


Head Coach Mike MacIntyre

How does it feel to be in San Antonio?

“It’s great. Our kids had an excellent practice today. The facilities at UIW are superb, we got everything we need so it was a good day.”

Is it hard to practice on Christmas Day?

“You’ve got to be a good guy, you’ve got to know how to compartmentalize. Its what guys can do, I tell the to compartmentalize. Enjoy their time, but when we get ready for meetings and football practice they’ve got to be focused and locked in to be physical or we wont have a good game so today they did that and they’ve been doing that the whole practice time.”

Are you treating this like just another week?

“Yeah, we really kind of had our Tuesday yesterday, we were full pads there. Had a longer practice today, we’re in shells so its kind of a Tuesday/Wendesday.”

How did practice go?
“I thought it went well, they were focused, they’ve been moving around. I thought we had an excellent practice. The other days when we were back at home we took about 45 minutes afterward to practice with the younger guys, we’re not doing that now cause we’re cut for time. But everyone practiced real well.”

Is the team over the Washington loss?

“I hope not all the way. I hope they still have a little bit of that in their gut. Because I imagine that Oklahoma State has a little bit of their Oklahoma game in their gut. You want to get over parts of it, but you also want to realize you want to kind of get that taste out of your mouth so to speak.”


Sean Irwin, Senior, Tight End

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you had to adapt to being on the road?

“Just seeing my brother John who’s in the military, so yeah just not there at home.”


A little unique practicing on Christmas Day?

“It’s definitely better though than practicing in 39 degree weather.”


How was practice today?

“It was great, it was a smooth practice you know, we got our core work in out in Boulder but we are getting everything put together and it’s going smooth.”


On coming back from the loss to Washington:

“I mean that was a pretty bad loss for us so we just want to carry that into the bowl game so come in there physical and ready to hit some people in the mouth.”


What has been the biggest difference for you guys this year?

“This summer you know we had a lot of conditioning and stuff and just putting people to the test and kicking people out and just figuring out who wants to be on board and if you weren’t on board you were either getting kicked out or jumping on board so a lot of team bonding and a lot of hardship.”


What is the one thing that you would want the fans to know about the Colorado football team this year?

“This just didn’t happen after night. I went through a lot of these losses to get to these wins, so yeah there is a lot of history behind it.”


How good does it feel to get all these wins finally?

“It feels great man, it hasn’t hit me yet.”


Isaiah Oliver, Sophomore, Corner

Practice today, how did practice go from your perspective?

“Practice went well we were focused, ready to play, and something that Coach Mac stressed all week before we got out here is that when we come out here all of these activities that we do, it’s easy to lose focus, but I felt like we came out here as a team focused.”


Is it better to practice in beautiful seventy degree weather as opposed to 39 degree weather back home?

“Yes most definitely. The weather is really nice out here right now compared to Boulder where it’s like  snowy every other day so I mean that was a lot of fun for the guys.”


What’s been the biggest difference for you guys this year? 

“Most of the credit just goes to the seniors, and their leadership that they brought on to this team. After going through what they went through for 3 years of having losing seasons I mean they were really ready to work and  ready to lead the young guys like myself to have a winning year so I mean I credit them for everything.”


What can fans expect to see when y’all take the field this Thursday?

“I mean what we’ve done all year is we just play fast and tough and that’s just really what we set out to do every time, and how we set up on the field, it’s something we haven’t done the past three years, but it’s something we’ve gotten a lot better at this year and something that we have done every game. So for someone who hasn’t really seen us play that’s just basically what we do, and you’re going to see us go 110 percent every single play.”


What do you know about Oklahoma State and what are going to be some of the keys to getting a victory on Thursday?

“They are a really good football team and they have a really great offense that is really prolific and that can throw the ball around and everything like that and score a lot of points so we really want our defense to come out and play a really good ball game and really stop them.”


What team did y’all play in the Pac-12 that would remind you of them, or is everyone in the Pac-12 kind of like that?

“Most similar would be Washington State just because of how much they throw the ball and I mean we played a good game against them so just really trying to get back in that mindset and get ready for Thursday.”


Best Christmas gift you ever got?

“I don’t know, I’d probably say a car. I did get a car for Christmas a couple of years ago, yup.”