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Q: How was your first practice of the Alamo City?

Matt Campbell: Good day, and obviously great to be outside great weather for us.

Q: Coach, how would you say your preparation has gone to this point?

MC:  This is a football team that certainly loves football and, you know, I think one of the meanings in that is, you know, we really like to practice, and our kids understand that process what it takes to do that. I thought last week had a great week of practice preparing to get down here and I thought our kids are really good job today.

Q: Do you structure them differently than you do in the regular season, do you try to look for different stuff or do anything different?

MC: We really don’t. I think the biggest difference is that we practice in the morning, you know, once we get down to the bowl site, you know, really on purpose because I want our kids to be able to, you know, certainly enjoy the afternoon. And so, you know, coaches, be able to get with their families and their wives and their kids. And then our players to be able to enjoy kind of whatever bowl events we have. So I think that’s the biggest difference for us, but how we do it, what we do, you know, not, not much different.

Q: You’ve played four of the top 11 pass offenses in the country during conference play. Do you see any similarities between them and Washington State?

MC: You know, I think the biggest challenge is you know you’re getting the master of it. I think when you get that you’re getting a great teacher that’s teaching that quarterback, you know he’s got all the answers. So it’s a great challenge for us. And then when the quarterback is really special, there is an even greater challenge. So, you know, I suppose. Obviously, you know, we’ve seen some spread offense to that have played this way. But to the extent of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, no and so it’ll be a great challenge for our defense.