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Oregon HC Mario Cristobal opening statement: Thanks for having me on. Obviously, this time of year we’re on the road recruiting but it’s an honor to accept the invite for the Valero Alamo Bowl and play such a great program, a historic program, a championship program like the University of Oklahoma. Certainly, our players are extremely honored to earn this opportunity and never have been out there before. And we certainly look forward to the opportunity.

Question: You got the youngest team in the Pac-12, and you had another 10 win season, a PAC 12 North title and you beat Ohio State. What are you looking forward to in this year’s game?


Continued improvement. I think anytime you’ve earned the opportunity to play an extra game you want to see your team develop and continue to grow. Like you mentioned, there’s a lot of young players on the roster. They’ve worked extremely hard to put themselves in a situation where they’re capable of contributing and contributing to winning football, so another opportunity to some more practice sessions, as well as an opportunity to play a football game against a great program. So all in all, it’s a great opportunity.

Question: I know you like the recruit theory because your long snapper is right here from San Antonio. So tell us a little bit about the local knowledge and recruiting here in San Antonio.


The state itself, I don’t know what the numbers are. There’s players at all levels because the coaching is at such a high level, the level of athlete that is produced down there develops at such a high level that the entire country visits there to try to pull some talent. So, you can never underestimate the importance of a really, really good coach and developing in large numbers and it has certainly paved the way for not only what’s happened in the past but for what’s coming.

Question: What are your first thoughts on taking on Coach Stoops and the Sooners?


Well, I know he probably doesn’t remember but I remember when I was growing up working my way through becoming a coach and his record speaks for itself. The development of his players that he has built. He continues to have an impact on so many coaches and so many players because of his reputation so again, tremendous honor to be here playing with a coach like Coach Stoops.