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Sat, Dec. 28 - 6:30 pm CST
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TCU Team Practice Transcripts – 12/29

Head Coach Patterson

How did practice go today?

Perfect. We started a little slow. I was glad we did our Tuesday practice there. We ran around really well. It’s our usual to come down, get used to everything and see everything on paper. We’re going to practice, we’re going to play the ball game and then get revved up.

 Do you think the more bowls you play the more veterans you get at it?

Every team is different. Usually you find out how – I think you always find out about three series in who wants it the most and who’s going to win the bowl game.  If you watch enough – if you take off the playoff teams, I think you have to have a reason why you want to come and go do it because your season is over and you want that ball game because there’s no good bowl game unless you win.

How will playing on turf affect the game?

We played on turf most of our ball games this year anyway except for home but both teams have a lot of speed so everybody better tackle legs.

Have you seen guys from UIW’s coaching staff around here?

They’ve been here watching practice. All day. It’s been a lot of fun. You know a lot of high school coaches, guys we’ve known for a long time. It’s nice to be able to – to be honest with you – get a chance to see them, get around them. We’ve been going almost 100 practices so it’s just fun to talk to somebody else.

Are you going to the Spurs game tomorrow?

Probably not.  I’ll probably work on the Ducks. I think my team is but I’ll probably work on the ducks.

What can the team learn from the Spurs organization?

We all look at Coach Poppovich and say you’re all in. When you get a team that’s all in and it’s about each other, you’ll always have a chance to be successful. When we’ve had teams like that, we’ve been hot. A lot better successful than when we haven’t been. With veterans, with youth – so you have experience and guys that have that quicker step plus great guidance, which his staff gives to him. It’s just fun to watch the whole surroundings and how it works when you watch a Spurs game.

Wide receiver Ty Slanina broke his collar bone. Will it affect him in the spring?

Yeah, he tripped running a scout team. He made it sound like he probably would have played but he wasn’t playing. So I don’t know. We’ll have to see.


 Running Back Kyle Hicks

(On practice day 1…)

 It was good, it was really nice outside today. It felt good to practice again. Felt good after the day off to get back into the groove of things.

(On the long practice…)

 It was expected.

(What did coach Patterson get mad about today?)

 [Laughs] I really don’t know. He was in a good mood, he’s just happy to get here, just as we are.

(On Coach Patterson’s preparation and feelings towards the game…)

 We’re not going change anything up, we’re going to prepare for them [Oregon] the same as we prepare for anyone else. He [Coach Patterson] is excited for the matchup and we all can’t wait to play.

(What do you think of playing a team like Oregon?)

 They’re a great team, they play really hard. They’re fast and I like their uniforms.

(What’s Aaron Green told you about San Antonio?)

 He loves it, this is his home. He’s just glad to be home. I’m happy that he gets to end his college football career at home.

(How close are those San Antonio guys?)

 They’re really close! Always yelling ‘210’ to each other!

(On running back Aaron Green’s senior season…)

It’s sad to see his career end at TCU but I am excited for him to go onto the next level. It’s amazing to just watch him play every day, to become close with him and become brothers and teammates. I appreciate everything he has taught me.

He’s taught me to be patient, to trust my blocks and go out and do my thing.

(On playing on turf at the Alamo Dome…)

 It will be a better field than what we played on against Baylor [laughs]. It could make us faster.

(On several coaches coming back…)

 I’m excited to play for them for another 2 years. They’re energetic and fun to play for. I bring it every day for them.

(On quarterback Trevone Boykin coming back from injury…)

 He looks better than ever. He’s practicing well and running well and I’m excited about that.