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Oklahoma Interim Head Coach Bob Stopps

Question: Coach Stoops, we saw you on the broadcast yesterday putting on your visor and your headset. Tell us how excited you are to put that back on and represent the Sooners again?

Stoops: Well, the Sooners are very excited to come down to San Antonio, the University of Oklahoma, our football team to have an opportunity to play against excellent an Oregon team.  You know with FOX Big Noon kickoff, I was in Columbus at Ohio State when I saw them beat up Ohio State. Coach Cristobal, the staff, they’ve done an excellent job. I said ahead on the broadcast, said “they want to be a big dog don’t come in to Columbus and don’t beat Ohio State”.

And I said during the broadcast, I expected them to play a great game, and they sure did. And so we’re, you know, we know we’ll have a big challenge there with Oregon. Again, Coach Cristobal and his staff have done a great job. And so we will look forward to being down there and me, being a part of things, hey, I’m excited the university wants me to do it. But the bottom line is we want to make sure that our players get an opportunity to finish the year in the right way. And then that’s what I’m here to help those players any way I can help and help this program in any way I can. And we’ll look forward to being down there with you in December.

Question: You were here in 2007 as part of the Big 12 game and won that game.

Stoops: Yeah, it was a pretty special day. Playing coach Gary Pinkel, Missouri team that was ranked number one in the country. Chase Daniels, a great quarterback. We played a great game. Sam Bradford had a heck of a game. Allen Patrick, Jarvis Lofton on defense and we got after Missouri pretty good that night and you know, beat the number one team in the country to win the Big 12 championship so it was a special night and I’ve always felt like I played in the Alamo Bowl because of that game.

Question: You guys have played Oregon three times. Any memories from those games?

Stoops: Well, you don’t want me to talking about the 2006 game. Somebody sent me a picture of my running back Alan Patrick, showing the whole world the football and the official pointing to the pile that Oregon had the ball. So but that’s water under the bridge. Listen, Oregon’s a great program. They do an excellent job. And you know, we know that and we’re, you know, our team will be excited to you know, to work and come down and be ready to give our best stuff.

Question: What do you got going on later this week besides coaching the Sooners?

Stoops: Yeah, I went from Big Noon Kickoff to the Big 10 championship game last night to being in Vegas right now for the College Hall of Fame festivities that are going on, so hopefully we hire a head coach, and I don’t have to go out recruiting this week.