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Utah Practice 12/26/19

Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

Tight End Brant Kuithe

Wide Receiver Jaylen Dixon

Defensive End Bradlee Anae


Q: Opening Statement

Coach Whittingham:

“First practice after a few days away, the energy was overall it was good for four days off. You want to see them come out with a lot of juice, lot of energy and also hope they retained all the things you worked on that first nine practices. It was it was a short practice and very productive.”


Q: Biggest key to defense

Coach Whittingham: “Well I think we’re good at all three levels of defense. Our front has played well and we have pretty good players up front. The two linebackers – Devin Lloyd  and Francis Bernard– have been very productive as well and made a bunch of plays, and then the secondary has really been efficient.

Q: Challenges Texas QB Sam Ehlinger presents

Coach Whittingham: “Well, he’s a great leader and that comes across on film. He’s the guy that is the catalyst for their offense, a big strong guy can run the ball effectively and he’s been throwing the ball exceptionally well this year.”


Q: Playing against Texas in Texas

Coach Whittingham: “Like I said just same mentality, same philosophy. Same things we talked about on the road during the regular season apply to this game. Well, the biggest thing is it really has no bearing on next year but send the seniors out the right way and that’s the biggest motivating factor. There’s still a lot of, you know, big things like this team’s playing for a 12-win season and Top 10 ranking so there’s a lot on the line. But the biggest thing is for us to have the seniors leave on the positive.”




Q: How was your first practice after a couple of days away?

Brant Kuithe: “Good energy, feel sharp out there. So good to see the guys and just get the chemistry back but felt like we just left yesterday you know just got to get to work and take it day-by-day


Q: What jumps out about Texas’ defense?

Brant Kuithe: “One of the biggest things that jumped out about them is that they’re just physical and big. We have to get ready and expect pressure and go with the flow.”


Q: Playing in Texas against Texas?

Brant Kuithe: “It’s not going to be easy but we’re used to talking about that stuff. We have to get used to hearing each other in the huddle. We don’t really have really sign signals we just have to get used to the sound.”




Q: How are things going so far?

Jaylen Dixon: “Been great so far. I grew up in Texas, so I’ve been here from town for, like, vacations and stuff so it’s been nice. I like coming back and seeing everything.”

Q: Treating this as a business trip

Jaylen Dixon: “Definitely, yeah. This is a big game, you know, to get that 12th win. And that’s like the main thing right now and we’re just really focused on it and like you said, it’s a business trip. So, coming back to Texas and just growing up and knowing that school and just knowing of you know the like the history and the culture, and it’s just huge so just can’t wait to get out there.



Q: Showcasing your skills in final college game.

Bradlee Anae: “People will be watching something like this yeah of course this is another opportunity to show your skills scouts or whatever it might be. I look at it as an opportunity not a risk.”