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Transcript of Mike Leach availability – 12/23

Q: What’s it like to finally be here? 

Leach: It’s great to be here. We had a good trip this morning and just great to be here in San Antonio. Great to be in the Alamo Bowl and looking forward to a good week and a good game.

Q: What are your thoughts on Iowa State good team

Leach: They’re a good team. Similar to us in some ways. I think the theme is that they’re a team of achievers. You know, they’re very good on defense and they play real hard.

Q: Gardner’s outfit today.

Leach: That’s kind of tradition. A guy sent that and he has worn that for years and years to games. Someone mailed that in and he used to wear it to every game and wanted to retire the thing. I don’t have all the details but saw it sitting in the office, there’s a backstory to that about a guy that wanted him to christen it one last time.

Q: From a fashion standpoint, just how much do you like the jacket?

Leach: I don’t know –  it’s very 70s. You know I grew up in the 70s and was glad when they ended. Because the music improved after that – they talked about it for about a decade but it got better after that.

Q: What do you see when watching Brock Purdy (ISU QB) film?

Leach: I think he was pretty good to begin with and he’s just gotten more tuned in with his other players. He is a good player, Iowa State does a lot of good things like the all the teams we played. The most important thing is to focus on ourselves and be the best team we can be.

Q: Any flashbacks of Seneca Wallace?

Leach: I mean yeah, but I’m pretty sure Iowa State has flashbacks of my teams too. Seneca was certainly a great player.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about San Antonio? How do you balance the players enjoying everything about the city but also realize they have a game?
Leach: They just have to focus during football time. Be locked in during football time.


Q: You saw the Christmas card, right?

Leach: Yeah, there’s a bunch of guys that wore ugly Christmas sweaters – they are kind of in style. So anyway, we got a bunch of players wearing them that warm on the trip up here. Anyway, the quarterbacks all got one and they all had different one and got a hold of me and asked if I’d be in their picture and I was happy to be in their picture and felt fortunate that I didn’t have to wear a sweater.