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Valero Alamo Bowl Family Traditions – Laura Sergent

Being a military family, we’ve grown accustomed to spending more time apart than we’d like. That separation means we have less opportunities for bonding. So, it’s extremely important to us that we seek out experiences that make our time together memorable.

When my husband was in the military, he was away more than he was home. That’s a hard thing for a family, especially for children—and when you’ve been to 13 schools by age 15, your family foundation needs to be that much stronger.

For my son and my husband, the Valero Alamo Bowl has been their ultimate bonding experience for the past 15 years. For me, the game has been a tremendous blessing because it’s given me a front row seat to watching my son and husband grow together.

Months before kickoff, the excitement starts brewing in our household. My husband is a big West Virginia fan while my son loves OU, so they get pretty revved up watching and discussing which teams are going to make it to the bowl games. It’s a comfortable subject that they can easily come back to year after year, no matter how much time and distance has passed between them.

Football brings us together, but the Valero Alamo Bowl is an unrivaled force in strengthening our family unit. It’s become part of our story. We talk about games for years: triple overtime, blowouts, comradery. My son is now 25 and he still loves it.

Everyone who goes to the Valero Alamo Bowl will always walk away with a positive memory. It brings people together and you can’t buy that anywhere.

Happy 25th anniversary, Valero Alamo Bowl!

This story comes from Laura Sergent, a longtime option ticket holder of the Valero Alamo Bowl.

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